vice-presidents, ally@ivey

HBA1 Representatives



Section 1

I became a VP Ally because I wanted to promote diversity and inclusivity within my section. I moved around a lot growing up, so I know how it felt to not feel like you belong or not feel included. I wanted to make sure our section was so inclusive, that no one ever felt that way. I wanted to ensure that everyone is comfortable to express themselves and to really value and accept others’ differences. Diversity is something so valuable, and should really be promoted all around. I hope to see everyone show some love, and show some allyship.


Section 2

I wanted to be my section’s VP Ally because I want everyone to feel respected and valued at Ivey. The diversity of our classmates’ backgrounds and experiences improves the learning experience in every class and I want our section to continue to embrace this diversity. I hope to help build upon our community of allyship and inclusivity at Ivey and allow every member of my section to learn and grow.


Section 3

I became a VP Ally because I want everyone in our section to feel included and accepted for who they are. I think it’s incredibly important to foster discussion about the importance of diversity, and Ally will allow me to do just that within Section 3. To me, inclusion is not only about respecting and tolerating the differences between individuals, but about wholly accepting these different lenses that people view the world through.


Section 4

We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. The art of diversity is thinking independently together, and that is called inclusivity. I want to be a VP Ally because I believe it is essential for us to appreciate and embrace the diversity not only in our HBA community, but also in a global perspective. I want to be the promoter who can make our uniqueness into a delicate harmony.


Section 5

We are stronger together. Becoming the VP Ally of my section has given me the opportunity to use my voice to create meaningful change. We all come from different backgrounds and have different identities and as an ally I need to foster an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with the collective. Celebrating our diversity is imperative to creating a positive learning environment and I am so happy to be apart of an organization that promotes exactly that.


Section 6

I wanted to be a VP Ally because I believe diversity and inclusion are essential components for the creation of a strong section. Our differences are what make each and every HBA 1 valuable in the Ivey classroom. It is important to me that these differences are never perceived negatively or hidden, but rather, are celebrated. This celebration is a crucial element to inclusion, in my eyes.


Section 7

As a transfer student, from Brock University, the toughest was the first week at Ivey. I was concerned about moving to a new school and city, where I knew no one and had never even been to. I wasn’t sure whether or not I made a mistake leaving the comfort of the friends I made at Brock and I did not know whether I would be accepted into the Ivey/Western Community. In just a mere two months at Ivey, I can tell you that it was the best decision I have ever made. I have found a new family here that supports me and makes me feel important every minute of the day. This has allowed me to continue to feel comfortable in and outside of the classroom. This is the beginning of the Ivey experience that made me transfer here in the first place. I want to ensure everyone is welcomed with the love I have felt so far and make sure no one feels like an outsider at Ivey. Empowerment through allyship is the first step to producing future leaders at Ivey who will one day change the world.


Section 8

I became VP Ally because I encourage taking pride in every individual’s identity and gathering together to build a similar-thinking world in which no minority group is discriminated against. Becoming aware of each person’s experiences and embracing this diversity can help make every individual feel welcome and comfortable at Ivey.