vice-presidents, ally@ivey

HBA1 Representatives 2018/2019

matt gordin

Section 1

Program Before Ivey: International Relations

I'm From: Toronto, Ontario

Fun Fact: I love photoshop & digital design

One of the most amazing aspects of the HBA program is the diversity of its candidates. The differences in education, culture, language, and just about everything in between is something I am very proud of. I joined Ally@Ivey to help foster that diversity, and create the most inclusive environment possible so everyone in my section can succeed and be themselves.

julia campbell

Section 2

Program Before Ivey: School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities (SASAH) with Honours Specialization in English Language and Literature at UWO. Hoping to do a dual!

I’m From: Stratford, Ontario

Fun Fact: I have an antagonistic relationship with a bilingual teenage parrot from Ecuador named Yolanda. Every morning in the Amazon she would greet me by slapping me upside the head with her wing while swooping in to steal my pancakes!

My ultimate goal in life is to leave people feeling better than when they came: better after having talked to me, better after having been on my team, etc. It is a lofty goal, and one to constantly strive for, but I believe it can be achieved through making every person feel welcome, valuable, and seen. In this way, Ally@Ivey and it’s goals of inclusion and celebration of diversity align closely with my own vision of having every person feel better after having left Section Two than when they first arrived. I look forward to working with Ally and my section to make it happen!



Section 4

Program Before Ivey: Globalization Studies, Huron

I’m From: Burlington

Fun Fact: I love urban agriculture and vertical farming!

As university students, I think we tend to get caught up in the institutionalization of diversity policy, and the formalization of diversity networks. Allyship presents a unique opportunity to bridge this gap between institutional practice, and informal networked engagement at the individual level. As section four’s vice president, I look forward to tying unique threads in our community together, while creating opportunities to embrace one another’s intersectionality.

Sagarika Deshmukh

Section 3

Program Before Ivey: BMOS

I'm From: Mississauga, Ontario

Fun Fact: I can put my leg behind my head!

I joined Ally@Ivey because I want to be there for my peers like they have been there for me. Everyone is going through their own struggles, and they all deserve a friend to rely on. As an Ally, I would be grateful to be that friend my peers could depend on.


ashna thayA

Section 6

Program Before Ivey: School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities (SASAH), Women’s Studies, and Creative Writing

I’m From: Stouffville, Ontario

Fun Fact: I became vegetarian after starting Ivey!

I am super excited to be a part of the Ally community at Ivey, especially considering the direct ways in which it affects the health and happiness of the students. I’ve dedicated a lot of my student life to queer groups, social equity research, and volunteering with international students, and hope that these experiences allow me to better serve my section and school as an Ally Representative. What I’m most looking forward to is the difficult discussions that are bound to arise from pursuing inclusivity within any institution, and how my peers and I will navigate those discussions together.

jasleen grewal

Section 5

Program Before Ivey: BMOS

I’m From: Hamilton, Ontario

Fun Fact: I love all things Drake!

I joined Ally@Ivey because I recognize the importance of celebrating diversity and the need for diversity in creating a robust and successful society, especially in times like today. By fostering an inclusive environment and advocating for equitable change we will be able to ensure students feel safe and have equal opportunities to exceed at Ivey.

elliot kimelman

Section 7

Program Before Ivey: BMOS at Huron

I’m From: Winnipeg

Fun Fact: I took an elective called Dance Improvisation in second year and spent four hours a week dancing! 

I joined Ally@Ivey because feeling included and comfortable is one of the most important factors in being successful, and I want to help my section and entire Ivey community be a space that allows us all to bring our real selves to school.

janani nandakumar

Section 8

Program Before Ivey: BMOS

I’m From: Toronto, Ontario

Fun Fact: I love playing trivia games of any kind even if it's trivia I have no background knowledge on!

The Ivey community is a safe space for all and I want to help reinforce that because knowing there is a place where you can be unapologetically yourself is one of the best feelings in the world.