Please feel free to approach us for anything surrounding diversity at Ivey Business School.


jasleen grewal

I’m from: Hamilton, Ontario.

Fun Fact: I love experiencing new things! I spent reading week zip-lining and diving in Mexico

Why I Joined Ally@Ivey: I joined Ally@Ivey because I recognize the importance of celebrating diversity and the need for diversity in creating a robust and successful society. By fostering an inclusive environment and advocating for equitable change we will be able to ensure students feel safe and have equal opportunities to exceed at Ivey. As a co-director, I am very passionate about fulfilling the Ally@Ivey mandate and making the student experience at Ivey as inclusive as possible.

Leah gale

I’m from: Newmarket, Ontario.

Why I Joined Ally@Ivey: As one of the Co-Directors I am responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes work such as case writing, faculty training, and research. I work with both students and faculty to address diversity and inclusivity concerns, and act as a support for this amazing team!

I view diversity as a competitive advantage within a work environment. There’s so much research supporting that diverse teams are more successful and I think moving forward diversity is something we should all be leveraging. Most importantly, I firmly believe that all individuals have the right to feel safe and comfortable within academic institutions and the workforce.

hba1 coordinator

Janani nandakumar

I’m from: Toronto, Ontario.

Fun Fact: I normally sneeze 3 times or more, never just once.

Why I Joined Ally@Ivey: The Ivey community is a safe space for all and I want to help reinforce that because knowing there is a place where you can be unapologetically yourself is one of the best feelings in the world. 

website & marketing coordinator/hba1 coordinator

monika lawczys

I’m From: Ottawa, Ontario.

Fun Fact: I went bunjee jumping off the World Cup Stadium in South Africa.

Why I Joined Ally@Ivey: I joined ally@Ivey to help show students the important role diversity and inclusivity play in everyday life. I want to help challenge existing prejudices to create a more supportive and inclusive community at Ivey.

case writing coordinator

srobona podder

I’m From: Mississauga, Ontario.

Fun Fact: I love travelling and going on new adventures! I once biked 60km down Death Road in Bolivia and celebrated by ziplining right after.

Why I Joined Ally@Ivey: I wanted to be involved in helping to create a more inclusive environment for all students and faculty at Ivey, as well as have the chance to meet some really cool people.


maddi mcnevitts

I’m From: Oakville, Ontario.

Fun Fact: I have travelled to over 13 countries, including Ecuador where I visited the Equator.

Why I Joined Ally@Ivey: I joined Ally@Ivey because I think it is important for students to advocate, ensure, and understands that the diversity and inclusion in the classroom spreads outside of campus and into our future careers.

guru Coordinator


jacqueline scott

I’m From: Toronto, ON.

Fun Fact: I’m going on exchange to Milan in January!

Why I Joined Ally@Ivey: Prior to Ivey, I was studying Women’s Studies on main campus. No... I wasn’t studying “women” —they should probably change the name of the major! Most of the courses I took were about diversity management, history, racial studies etc. I came to understand that “Diversity & Inclusion,” as much as the phrase can be overused by large corporations today, is really just about valuing the differences and unique experiences of the people around you. The companies and people that come out on top are those who embrace diversity, and have the leadership capabilities to foster inclusion. Ally@Ivey is a great place to start for anyone hoping to sharpen those skills!


Recruiting Coordinator

anthony tan

I’m From: China originally! Since then I have lived in 5 cities across 3 provinces.

Fun Fact: Last summer I co-wrote, starred in, and co-directed a short film which premiered at an international film festival.

Why I Joined Ally@Ivey: I joined to help further the mindset of inclusion, the need for multiple perspectives, and the importance of empathy in the hearts and minds of future business leaders.


events coordinator

mcgregor abbott

I’m From: Vancouver Island, BC.

Fun Fact: I have a unicorn tattoo on my arm, and yes I do believe they are real.

Why I Joined Ally@Ivey: While at Ivey, the most important thing for me was to be able to learn from other people. In my eyes, allyship is a mindfulness that allows you to completely learn through each other's differences. This is why I joined Ally, to work with others to guide energy at Ivey towards this mindfulness in order to create a space that feels like home for everyone.