Please feel free to approach us for anything surrounding diversity at Ivey Business School.



Annika Lui

As the Co-Director of Ally@Ivey, my role is to actively work with various stakeholder groups in the community in order to design and implement strategies on how to educate on diversity and advocate for inclusion within the Ivey community. My goal is to help prepare Ivey students to be leaders and allies in the diverse 21st century workplace.

Inclusion Defined: To me, inclusion is about creating an environment of equal access and opportunity through removing discrimination and valuing all individuals. Inclusion is important because everyone should be empowered to thrive being their whole selves.

Kate Hall

As the Co-Director of Ally@Ivey, my role is to work with everyone ranging from students to community groups in order to advocate for equitable change and educate on diversity at Ivey. My goal is to contribute towards a space where every HBA student feels they are accepted, valued, and celebrated for the unique set of experiences and perspectives they bring.

Inclusion Defined: To me, inclusion begins by acknowledging the universal human condition without forgetting about the unfair ways in which privileges and oppressions are systemically distributed. Inclusion is working to eliminate those systemic inequities, whether that is through being mindful of our everyday actions or through formal advocacy.


Parnia Abootalebi

I am responsible for developing and executing all marketing and branding activities of Ally@Ivey. Through working collaboratively with other team members, I am responsible to produce content and promotional material for both print, website and social media in order to increase social presence within the Ivey community. My goal this year is to raise awareness for marginalized students, and allow HBA students to learn more about diversity and be critical of perceptions surrounding inclusion.

Inclusion Defined: Inherent differences amongst all people are nothing but different lenses on how to perceive the world. It’s important to be adept at visualizing the different rays of light on a spectrum, each wave of light illuminates different obscurities and making the attempt to understand the distinct journeys of those who are different from you.


Geoffrey Kung

I advocate for all Ivey students by creating and promoting policies that ensure all clubs, governing bodies, and staff at our school understand and support the needs of marginalized individuals. My goal this year is to solidify Ally at Ivey’s policies for greater clarity surrounding Ally’s relationship with staff, students, and other organisations with a focus on establishing staff relationships to continue enacting policy that supports marginalized individuals.

Inclusion Defined: Inclusion is respecting everyone enough so that they are comfortable enough to be themselves. It is important for all voices to be heard in order to constantly improve.


Rebecca Adkins

As this year’s education coordinator, I will be working to educate the Ivey community on the importance of diversity and inclusion including but not limited to the scope of showing the role these concepts play at Ivey and in the workplace, the different facets of diversity, the ways these concepts influence everyone’s lives, and the steps people can take to be an Ally.

Inclusion Defined: Inclusion means everyone is welcomed and encouraged to have a voice and be an active member in the environment. An inclusive environment allows everyone to be their true self.


Steph Stiers

As Ally@Ivey’s HBA1 coordinator, I am responsible for assisting with the recruitment of VP Allies and introduing Ally@Ivey to the incoming HBA1 Class. I will also be working with the VP Allies to plan and execute events that celebrate the diversity of their sections, as well as HBA1-wide initiatives to promote inclusion within the Ivey community.

Inclusion Defined: Inclusion is the point where everyone feels empowered to be their true self and reach their full potential.


Andrew Schneider

My role as the Internal Coordinator is to liaise with key members of the HBAA, prepare proposals related to club activities, and handle other internal documentation and logistics. At the end of the year, I hope feel as though I participated in leaving a positive legacy for the future of allyship at Ivey.

Inclusion Defined: For me, inclusion is about fostering an environment where people feel safe expressing their authentic self. Inclusion is important in ensuring that people feel welcomed, not only to exist in the world, but to actively participate with their peers and community.