Please feel free to approach us for anything surrounding diversity at Ivey Business School.


Micah hansen

Program before Ivey: Economics.

I’m from: Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Fun Fact: I was a competitive gymnast for six years!

As Co-Director, my role is to support the team with their various initiatives, and to liaise with administration in addressing institutional inclusivity/diversity concerns. 

I joined Ally@Ivey because I think there is incredible value in the differences between people and Ally@Ivey works to ensure these differences don't work against students in their pursuit of success and encourages others to see the benefits of diversity and inclusivity!

Leah gale

Program before Ivey:

Dual Degree: Kinesiology - Sports Management.

I’m from: Newmarket, ON.

As one of the Co-Directors I am responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes work such as case writing, faculty training, and research. I work with both students and faculty to address diversity and inclusivity concerns, and act as a support for this amazing team!

I view diversity as a competitive advantage within a work environment. There’s so much research supporting that diverse teams are more successful and I think moving forward diversity is something we should all be leveraging. Most importantly, I firmly believe that all individuals have the right to feel safe and comfortable within academic institutions and the workforce.


Jordyn kimel

Program before Ivey: Geography.

I’m from: Toronto.

Fun Fact: I have two younger sisters and a younger brother… (my brother is a dog).

I am responsible for developing and executing all marketing and branding activities of Ally@Ivey. Through working collaboratively with other team members, I am responsible to produce content and promotional material for both print, website and social media in order to increase social presence within the Ivey community. 


Nicole plant

Program Before Ivey: Political Science with an interest in international development.

I’m From: Woodstock (you have probably passed on your way into the city).

Fun Fact: I have two middle names.

I work to support our talented executive team plan and execute all of their initiatives. My role ranges from budgeting to event operations to partnership outreach. Basically, I am a jack of all trades and fill in to support wherever needed.

I joined Ally@Ivey because of my involvement with entrepreneurship. As I continue to learn more about the rate of disruption, I am beginning to see the difficulties that new technologies present in terms of equality and inclusion for different stakeholders. I am interested to learn about my peer's perspectives about how these changes might impact their understanding of  inclusion as the future of work continues to rapidly evolve.


spencer ashby

Program Before Ivey: Kinesiology.

I’m From: London, Ontario.

Fun Fact: Not sure why, but I can recite Pi to 50 decimals!

As the education coordinator I will be working on initiatives that help educate the Ivey community about the importance of diversity and inclusion. In this role I hope to empower each member of the Ivey community in becoming a better Ally, not only the classroom, but also the workplace and in their everyday lives.

I joined Ally because I wanted to make my section a place where each and every classmate felt comfortable to be themselves and voice their opinion during HBA1. As a person who knew very little about diversity and inclusion prior to university, joining Ally was an experience for me to learn and understand the importance of being an Ally for others. It was a fantastic experience in which I learned a lot and I hope to continue sharing what I’ve learned with others this year!


Georgia Mcclure-kunc

Program Before Ivey: Criminology.

I’m From: Whitby, Ontario.

Fun Fact: I was six years old when I went to my first music festival.

As HBA1 Coordinator for Ally@Ivey, I am responsible for introducing Ally@Ivey to the incoming HBA1s. In addition, I act as a support figure for HBA1s dealing with worries regarding inclusivity and for the HBA1 Ally@Ivey VPs. I will assist incoming VPs with their initiatives related to diversity and inclusion within their sections.

I joined Ally@Ivey last year so that I could make a difference in my section by celebrating each individual and their many identities.

Co-EVENTS Coordinators


Policy & Advocacy Coordinator

Paris qian

Program Before Ivey: BMOS Accounting.

I’m From: China.

Fun Fact: I have a bunch of fun and weird tattoos!

I am your VP events for the Ivey Ally this year and will host amazing culture events to help include more diversity in our Ivey bubble.

I want to be an advocate for the cultural diversity here at Ivey and it’s important to me that everyone feels comfortable to contribute to our community!

jake girling

Program Before Ivey: Dual degree with Chemical Engineering.

I’m From: Vancouver, BC.

Fun Fact: I’m a big fan of hiking and will be in the mountains whenever I go home.

I'm the events coordinator this year and will be helping plan and execute our programming for the year! I joined ally because the fight for equality is never over, and we need to start building community on a smaller stage here, so we can take it out into the world later.


Grant mcnaughton

Program Before Ivey: MOS + Polisci Brief 

I’m From: Calgary, AB 

Fun Fact: I’m tongue tied! 

I work with Ally, faculty at Ivey, and the general HBA population to help better understand how we can be better allies, and work on generating new insights for the Ally team

I think allyship comes in so many forms, and is shaped by our experiences. I hope to both be an ally to others, and learn from the experiences of those around me to be a better friend and community member.