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Gender x Innovation: Dr. Sarah Saska

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Join us on March 22nd at 1:00PM to hear from Dr. Sarah Saska about how diversity and gender equity can be leveraged to advance innovation. Sarah will be sharing her insights from her PhD experience, as well as her journey at launching a global consulting firm, Feminuity while being part of MaRS Discovery District. All students at Ivey are welcome to join us for this unique event.

Pizza lunch will be served.

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Harassment Roundtable: Navigating the Gendered Workplace

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Join us on March 8th at 1:00PM in Room 1210 at Ivey Business School to hear from Women in Leadership Professor, Alison Konrad, about how to handle difficult situations in the workplace. In today’s environment, women in all industries may encounter different forms of harassment and knowing how to navigate these kinds of situations is imperative. Alison will be sharing her insights as well as facilitating a safe discussion that allows students to share any harassment experiences they may have encountered.

For anyone who has experienced this phenomenon, or wishes to learn more about how to handle it as either a recipient or a bystander, please come! 

A pizza lunch will be served.

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All in for Allyship


 All In For Allyship hosted by Ethnocultural Support Services at Western UniversityPrideWesternAlly Western, and Women's Issues Network UWO. The event is taking place on Monday, January 22nd from 7PM to 9PM.

This panel discussion, led by five community change makers and earth shakers, will offer a perspective on what allyship looks like within different roles and communities. Panelists will have an opportunity to speak to their experience doing work in community, and comment on what types of actions they consider helpful and un-helpful. What will emerge is a reflection on how allyship is increasingly perceived, contrasted with what type of action communities would like to see.

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Ally@Ivey Industry Panel

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Ally@Ivey invites you to attend an industry panel where our panelists share their experience in the industry, and discuss topics of inclusion and diversity within the industry. This event will provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable insights from successful individuals in the Investment Banking, Marketing and Consulting space while enjoying snacks and refreshments.

All students at Ivey are welcome.


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