Behind the Scenes: 2018/2019

Not everything our team handles will be immediately seen by the HBA community. Although we do run events and initiatives for the sections and community as a whole, there are many projects we are implementing in the background. This is an overview of our larger strategic initiatives for the year:


New Diverse Cases for the HBA1 & HBA2 Curriculum:

We have students writing cases in collaboration with professors that contain a diverse viewpoint. These cases will be introduced into the HBA2 curriculum next year as a test run, revised, and then introduced into the HBA1 curriculum.


  • Spencer Ashby - Matt Sooy - Finfun/Mac

  • Umar ElBably - Larry Plummer - New Venture Creation

  • Christine Yan - Mary Weil - Communications

  • Sandhya Raj - Alison Konrad - Organizational Behavior

  • Katherine Carrasco - Colin McDougall - Entrepreneurial Marketing

  • Tessa Peerless - TBD - TBD


Faculty training

In collaboration with Professor Larry Plummer we will be running the first ever diversity training for the HBA/MBA faculty. The training will focus on educating faculty about the following topics:

  • gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, sexual identity

  • broader cultural norms/differences

  • indigenous communities

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contribution research

Numerous studies have suggested that when women speak their points are viewed as less valuable when compared to their male counterparts. Because Ivey puts such a large focus on in-class contribution it is imperative that contribution grading is fair across all gender identities and expressions.